Yikes! What a scene! We’ve got one more page to the end of this chapter (posting Friday)! Starting next week, I will be taking my usual month-break from the comic to complete the script for the next chapter! The comic will return to normal updates August 3rd!

ALSO, I will be working on getting the final pieces together for my upcoming Love Not Found Volume 2 Kickstarter! I had planned to launch in March, but then the pandemic hit us and I was going to wait until things got ‘back to normal’. (lol, right?) So, I’m just gonna go for it. I would absolutely love to bring you a new book and have money for bills!

The new collection will include Chapters 8-14 and I have gone back and touched up a bunch of little things, but the biggest improvement being the word bubbles! They’ve all been redone to give a uniform look to the book which I have to admit, really improves the whole look. There will be a bunch of  bonus material including full-color illustrations, notes, sketches/concept work, and the like! There will also be other goodies available! I will keep you updated on a launch date.