UPDATE (May 26): My workstation is back up and running! What a week! So very glad to be back! <3 Here is the full color version of page 43. Thank you for your support, Love Not Found buds!
When it rains it pours. Aside from the website issues, my thermal printer crapped its pants yesterday, and now my MacBook Pro is freaking out. It’s scrolling text, file lists, art, & screens horizontal as well as zooming out when I try to copy/paste or do anything with the command key. Troubleshooting with the internet so far has been fruitless.
Not giving up yet. Making sure everything is backed up from my computer both on Time Machine as well as on my external drive. Then I’m going to update the OS. I am hoping it won’t come down to reformatting the computer or having to buy a whole new computer, but I’m fearful I may need to get new gear.
Today’s page is Inked and ready to be colored. I’ll post a color version as soon as I have a functioning computer at my disposal!