Hi Love Not Found buds! Hurricane Ian has come and gone. We are OK and had very little damage thankfully. Being on the east side of central Florida we were only hit with a strong Tropical Storm and only minor flooding in our area. The brunt of the storm came in the form of winds. Big winds sustaining 40mph and definitely 70mph gusts throughout the night.

Thankfully the huge pine tree that came down fell the other way and did not come down on the house. We were without power since Wednesday night, but as of this afternoon we are back in action and turning on lights again! I’m looking forward to having hot water and taking a shower. My heart goes out to all those folks who lost so much more. My father lost everything twice to hurricanes when he lived in the Florida Keys and I can only imagine what folks are going through right now. My heart is with you and your loved ones!

Gonna take next week to catch up on time lost to the hurricane and then I am planning to be back the following week with new pages of Love Not Found! Love you all. ❤