Hello dear readers! Distance Learning School started yesterday for my kids and, well, it’s been quite the experience so far. O_o We’re trying to get adjusted while the school tries to get everything running properly and the teachers try to learn how to remote teach on the fly. I am going try to get a page done for Friday, but it might be next Tuesday’s update when I am back again. I hope everyone distance/remote learning is hanging in there this school year so far!

Also, KICKSTARTER NEWS! I am still aiming to launch the Love Not Found volume 2 Kickstarter Campaign at the end of September!

I’ve got so many fun goodies lined up and cool bonus material for the book. PLUS, every page of the book has been touched up to make it look fantastic! All of the pages got a dialog bubble upgrade so now they all look uniform int the book. I’ve also touched up some panels, tweaked colors in places, and overall made the book the best it can be! I am so excited and I think you will be too when you see it all done!