Good news or better news?

It’s a relief when a doctor asks you if want the good news or the better news. Up until my doctor appointment today, I’ve been sitting on a month of stress fearing my whole career might be over and I would never draw without pain again. I would wake up and the fingers in my drawing-hand would be stiff and the ring finger felt stuck and hurt when I would try to bend it.

Turns out, it’s called Trigger Finger and it was solved with a single steroid injection into the palm near the offending finger. So thankful I can keep on drawing and doing what gives me life.

EVENT – MizuCon 2024

Hey LNF Buds! Exciting news! You’ll be able to find me in the Mizucon Artist Alley this Memorial Day weekend, May 24-26, 2024, in Miami, FL! Mizucon is Miami’s hometown, water-themed anime, gaming and Japanese culture festival! Hope to see you there!

Mizucon Miami