Erstwhile on WEBTOONS

Get ready to dive into a world of magic!! Erstwhile Fairy Tales is coming to Webtoons! 

Created by Gina Biggs, Louisa Roy, and Elle Skinner, this anthology series adapts Grimm’s Fairy Tales beautifully illustrated comics! 


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Hungry Bunnies are LIVE on KS!

Hey LNF Buds! The Hungry Bunnies enamel pins campaign is LIVE ON KICKSTARTER!

I am launching my own set of pin designs featuring my little HUNGRY BUNNIES. There are four main designs featuring different sweet snacks as well as bonus designs to unlock, including the Halloween Pumpkin bunny! 

I really hope you enjoy the designs and considering pledging to help me make this project a reality!

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Follow on BlueSky!

So the social media app formerly known as Twitter is finding new ways to blow itself up. The muskrat is suggesting he’s going to start charging all users a monthly fee for the honor of using the free app.

On that note, I have decided to start setting up a new social media home at BLUE SKY! Come follow me to find out all the latest news, project announcements, and site updates!


LNF – RSS Feed

HEADS UP! It turns out the Toocheke theme I installed for the new site design keeps its comic rss feed in a separate folder /comic/feed rather than just /feed.

If you’re seeing this post in your RSS feed, you’re most likely following the original feed and not seeing new comic updates that are happening now. If you wish to get Love Not Found comic updates as well as the blog updates make sure to follow this link in your RSS reader: