Hungry Bunny Kickstarter is LIVE!

Hey LNF Buds! The Hungry Bunny Sweet Treats enamel pins campaign is NOW LIVE ON KICKSTARTER! These sweet little bunnies are a delicious treat for everyone! They'll add the perfect shine to your backpack, bag, purse, or wherever you wanna clip them!

Standard Pins are 1.25" gold plated hard enamel. All standard pins come with a custom backer card. We've also got Sticker Sheets and Reusable Sticker Collection Books that you can use to Stick and UNstick your sticker hoard!

Books and Merch are how I pay keep the lights on while I create comics. Crowdfunding campaigns help fund my work and keep me pumping out new comics on the regular! If backing is not in the budget right now, sharing, liking, and reblogging about the project also helps a lot! Whatever way you can support is most appreciated! <3

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