LNF Returns!

Hey LNF Buds! Great news! Love Not Found will be returning to regular updates August 15th, 2023 (next Tuesday)! I can't wait to get back into it and sharing Abeille and company's Jollie adventures!

And more exciting news! If you missed out on the original Kickstarter campaign, you can now get Love Not Found volume 3 and other wonderful goodies from my Etsy shop (standard edition and a limited number of artist editions) and you can pick up the digital edition on itch.io!

9 thoughts on “LNF Returns!

  1. OMG! I’m excited! I’ve been checking the site semi-regularly and have been eagerly awaiting the return of LNF 😀

  2. Heyyy!! I went and made a RSS feed thingy after I found this comic again, and re-binged it ;3 And now I’m commenting because I had to tell you, and because I’m happy I’ll get to be a regular reader instead of having ADHD get in the way. Right on time too, it seems!!

    I really love this story, it’s like a warm hug ;www; Thank you for writing it!!

    1. Quick update! Turns out the Toocheke theme for WP has its comic feed in a special folder and I was previously only linking to the blog feed. Make sure to follow the comic feed at this address to get the latest comic updates: https://LoveNotFound.com/comic/feed/

  3. I’m not getting RSS updates. Last one I have is about the Volume 3. So missed this one and the next page. I removed and re-added to my reader but still don’t see new pages. Just heads up in case anyone else is having issues.

    1. Thank you for alerting me to this issue! Turns out the Toocheke theme for WP has its comic feed in a special folder. It has been fixed and you can follow the comic feed at this address: https://LoveNotFound.com/comic/feed/

      1. Thank you! I really appreciate that. Glad you were able to figure it out.

  4. Useful for rss feeds in general, I think. I use a browser extension called rss radar on windows computers and chrome based browsers. It detects the blog feed and the comic feed, and a feed for individual comments (I subscribe to the first 2).

    In fireox, I use Erinome RSS detector. In safari on IOS, I use RSS Bud

    1. Ah, thanks for the info! I signed up for Feedly because it was the only reader I knew and I want to be able to keep track of the LNF reader going forward, but it’s really nice to have some alternatives!

      1. A weird thing is that I had been subscribed to https://lovenotfound.com/feed, but it stopped updating after VOLUME 3 is on the way (August 2nd). Maybe this is what Kitsune experienced.

        I find:
        Love Not Found: https://lovenotfound.com/feed
        Blog – Love Not Found https://lovenotfound.com/category/blog/feed
        Comments for Love Not Found: https://lovenotfound.com/comic/feed

        The first two appear to be the same.

        If I subscribe to Blog – Love Not Found, then it updates with the blog posts after August 2nd.

        Or, If I use a new RSS reader, and subscribe to /feed, it updates with the blog entries after August 2nd.

        So, maybe if people were subscribed to /feed, but it stopped updating, and if they want to get notified when the blog is updated, in addition to the comments feed, they can either unsubscribe and resubscribe to /feed, or subscribe to Blog – Love Not Found.

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