Love Not Found – Ch.23, p33

10 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch.23, p33

  1. Oh my GOSH I KNEW IT!!!!
    BUT STILL!!!

  2. Yay!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Aaaaaaa!!!

  3. Awwww they are so cute!! At the same time I’m unsure if that’s supposed to be an engagement ring, a promise ring, or something else all together. If it’s an engagement I’m a little worried they are moving too fast?? But at the same time I have no idea how long it’s been in comic time. I thought it had only been a couple months.

    1. That wiki should have this figured out… Their hot and steamy (they have tea) first night together is in Chapter
      9 page 26
      , which is just after the rainy season ends. The fleur festival is in chapter 12. Apple festival (autumn?) is chapter 15. Jollie garden party (winter) chapter 22. So, they’ve been together a little more than 1 season, I think.

      It’s 4 months between chapters 8 and 14 (based on how long Abeille says she’s been on Monotropa), which seems like roughly 1 season. That doesn’t count pages, or days.

  4. Is that 2 rings? One for him and one for himself? So cute!

  5. Does Clove know about the meet up between Botan and Jonquil?

  6. Eeeeeee! 😀
    Also, Clove looks *so cute* in the last panel!

  7. Squeeeal! (Also, legs, hehe)

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