Love Not Found – Ch.23, p48

5 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch.23, p48

  1. Oh I love that photo effect! But yeah this is great, things are tying up so nicely!

  2. I was wondering why the gift was triangle shaped, then I saw the base at the bottom of the frame. Nice detail.

  3. Kove the theme of reconciliation. However, please don’t V and Ivy’s mother or Abiel’s mother suddenly convert to a caring parent instead of their glaringly obvious narcissism. people need to know it’s ok to cut toxic people out of your life-even if they gave you some chromosomes.

    1. I think it is as important for people to know that there are also people who share traits with Amaryllis, who are not “evil”, are trying to change, and are possible to speak to.

      In my case, after cutting them out of my life, that became the problem. Then, I noticed that I could assert personal boundaries and avoid games.

      I love the way things are being resolved here. It’s all of the positive things, without them hurting themselves on behalf of Amaryllis.

  4. @Kaleiope
    I was wondering too. My thoughts went: “Cheese?” So, in this term, the photo is not so far off. 😉😀

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