Love Not Found – Ch23, p28

5 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p28

  1. Ah, the sound of open communication and owning of one’s own part in a collapse. Honestly, this sort of thing should happen more. Death happens and people break. But that doesn’t excuse them from being garbage to others on their way down. This sort of owning of one’s own “s**t”? Something vitally important and props to both Botan and Jon for being adult enough to admit their part in the ending of their relationship.

  2. Definitely agree with Valleria’s comment. It also takes courage to admit you’re wrong. This is definitely one of those times when time can heal because you take time to reflect on your actions. I wish I had their courage.

  3. It’s funny how I’ve reacted to Jonquil showing up. I want a reason to dislike him.
    I have a committee in my head that’s been debating. Let’s not be too hasty is the conclusion so far.

  4. Oooof! Having just lost my mom (even worse, just before Mother’s Day) I empathize with the emotional collapse that can happen. It’s been a brutally rough few months for my whole family. I’m blessed to have a husband who has been supportive, allows me to be clingy when I’m overwhelmed, but also gives me time alone when I really need it. It’s hard to lose a parent, and it can be hard on people around you who don’t know just how much that can emotionally numb you.

  5. I didn’t expect to see my self and my own experiences here. When my father passed away, my boyfriend of 3 years dumped me because I was, in his own words, “complaining too much”. Sorry, Jon, can’t sympathize one bit.

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