Love Not Found – Ch23, p32

Hi Love not Found buds! I hope you are all healthy and safe and have a good new year. I took a little time to rest and enjoy the holidays with family after my bout with Covid. Feeling more energized and excited to get back to Love Not Found! And I must say, what a fun scene to pick back up on for the start of 2024!!

6 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p32

  1. Wow, he really is cutting to the chase huh? Lol.

    That last line may be corny, but it’s perfect hehe.

  2. I am so excited about this making my heart go squeeeee 💜

  3. boooooyyyyyyyyysssss awwwwwwwww!!!

  4. Today, I learned what a Kenning is. So, here’s a part kenning:

    -> Unbound self-binder -> Love entwiner -> Taking giver -> Giving taker -> Freedom fastner -> Distance coupler

  5. Oh my gosh?!?!? Is he really going straight for it right now?! It’s kinda interesting that he’s actually taking Jonquil’s advice and not letting him get away (that also makes me more curious about their relationship). I also wonder how long in-comic the two of them have been together for at this point? It seems like not long to me but I wonder if my memory is bad and it’s been longer than I think, or if he’s just going for it now because he realized what Clove is to him?

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