Love Not Found – Ch23, p43

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  1. Yay for a found family! Those that we choose to love and love us back are so important. And with how her parents either A) abuse her (mum) or B) stay silent (dad), it’s good to see her with people willing to fight for her, like her sister did. I am so glad that she is getting this before her mother could fully tear her down and make her feel like she had no choice but to “go home with them”. This will make it that much easier for her to stand up and say no to them next time they try and manipulate her. <3 <3

  2. This is Abeille’s pickle plum moment. Making a Fruit Basket reference here. In it, the MC, Tohru tells Kyo that someone’s good qualities might be hard to see in themselves because they can’t see it, like a pickle plum on a rice ball. Others can though. Abeille doesn’t see all of the good she’s done, but her true friends are able to see it and point it out to her. This is SOOO important in real life too. It’s why words matter.

  3. Gahhh all of this feels so much like it’s ramping up to some kind of conclusion for me. While I think it would be emotionally satisfying, I would HATE to see this webcomic end. I feel like there are so many more things to explore with these characters! The kinds of challenges Miel and Abeille will face in a new, burgeoning relationship as they try to find jobs and build a life together, as well as maybe seeing how Abeille is going to handle her relationships with her parents. I’m wanting more of Ivy and Vee repairing their sisterhood while maybe figuring out how to handle the complicated relationship they have with their mother, as well as how Ivy navigates her polyam relationship with Holly and Aster. I’d love to learn more about Aster’s family and what inspired them to get into their line of work. Botan’s backstory with his family and previous lover still feels kind of unexplored to me, as well as Clove’s history with his brother. What I’m saying is I love all the characters so much and they feel so full and alive that I would read this story for many, many more years to come. I hope it will. But I also can’t deny how emotionally satisfying all these past few months have been if this IS ramping up to an end.

    1. That is how I feel too. I bet many people feel that way.
      I don’t know what more can fit in the time left. I have a reason to revisit the story after the end because of Unofficial Love Not Found Wiki. If new readers, start commenting on the story, on webtoons or here, I will read the comments and be inspired to keep revisiting the story.

      The rush to accept finality irks me. It’s traumatic to come to transitions, in relationships and stories. I think people steel themselves for the endings. But, stories don’t end and vanish, just like songs aren’t done, at the end.

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