Love Not Found – Ch23. p44

7 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23. p44

  1. Happy and romantic. Love it!

  2. What a lovely page! Clove’s ring is missing here, not sure about Botan’s.

    1. Oh, thanks for catching that! So many characters on these pages, it’s good to have someone let me know if I missed a detail like that!

  3. I want every last one of these outfits.
    How! How can it be?

  4. They are so cute in panel 3. Yes, we are here and we are doing this.

  5. I just love this comic so, so much. I love seeing the representation of so many different forms of love on one page. Everyone dancing together, enjoying their intimate connections together. This is one of the most heartwarming webcomics I’ve ever had the privilege to read or come across. I’m so, so glad I was lucky to be here to see this happening. <3

  6. I hate that I’m finding it hard to enjoy this because of the ever-looming fear; What if someone less accepting walks in at this moment? Please let this just go off without a hitch plsplsplsplspls ;_;

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