Love Not Found – Ch24, p02

3 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch24, p02

  1. Oh wow, the colors on this page, they’re gorgeous!

  2. PenelopePepperPants

    I’m hoping I’m reading the second panel correctly – because it looks like one of two things are happening. It appears that the tree in panel one is in the snow, but where Abeille has stepped the ground is thawing out – my reading into that is that the coldness of her (self-perceived) guilt is starting to thaw too.

    A more whimsical interpretation is that the grass is sprouting and springing to life as she walks – which is a bit Disney to be fair – but that’s what I feel the gorgeous glow as she walks is inferring.

    I hope this scene with Evette helps Abeille to forgive herself, and continue healing herself.

  3. what a cornucopia of hues in this (lucid?) dream sequence

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