Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 09

22 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 09

  1. That is the expression of someone who has no idea how trash she is getting called for filth.

    1. A good blend of shock, offence and disbelief with some vague dregs of regret, though mostly for herself of course.

  2. They gave such an honest effort to do this the nice way first! Poor Vee.

  3. Yes!!!!! Go Vee go! Be your own person. Break free of this abuse. And good on Ivy for trying to be Vee’s backup. I hope she keeps it up 🙂

  4. Go, Verbena, go! Go as quick as you can! Let Ivy make some calls to friends and she can probably get a number of friends to help you move you out tonight.

  5. And you have the nerve to look shocked.
    “What?! Why?” Gee I wonder Mommy dearest

  6. She heard that one!

  7. That is the kind of mommy dearest that won’t be happy until someone else is in tears or so pissed off they’re screaming. That woman is the picture of a perfect narcissist!

    1. Vera kept shutting Vee out, Vee may as well move out; Mommy did encourage it after all.

  8. She is NOT allowed to be surprised, with the way she was shutting down the conversation. If you’re not gonna listen to your daughter, why have her around? :/

  9. The one on the far left looks all “You go girl!” And EVERYONE is enthralled in this convo, just as mom may or may not have intended.

    1. Yeah, The person with the silver hair is all like “You want me to help you pack?” Good for Vee for making her point – she tried to be nice about it and then Vera was so snippy Vee never got a chance to talk. (Where is this in the timeline – before or after Abeille and Miel got caught at the festival?)

      1. This is all in timeline order, so this is after.

  10. I am honestly a bit surprised that they chose a cafe as a meeting spot to discuss a topic which clearly would make Vera freak out. Did Vee and Ivy think that it would cause Vera to not-make a scene if they are in public? Given how shameless she is, I doubt that that was their idea, but who knows…

  11. BOOM baby! No surprise about their mom’s facial expression. When someone is used to getting their way, the last thing they expect is for someone to go against them, ESPECIALLY if it’s their child. Now Ivy, I hope you do take a page from Vee and try to be a bit sterner too to back your sister up.

  12. Man I love Vee. Look how far she’s come!!! I’m so proud of her TwT


  14. I just hope Gina has a vivid fantasy rather than a vivid memory. Nobody deserves a Vera in their life.

  15. Verbena, your mom is rather close to that pitcher. Dried her stupidity in cider.

  16. Mom: Overtly keeps telling daughter to shut up, cuts her out and ignores any attempts at conversation
    Daughter: Gets angry and yells
    Mom: Surprised pikachu face

  17. Vee, I support you!!! I support every child you represent!!!

  18. I realized my rss feed for this comic broke somewhere back in chapter 16 / 2019. I’m so glad to rediscover it and get caught up again. This is some heartwarming lovely stuff that is well written and beautifully illustrated, and I’ve missed Gina Biggs’s work more than I realized.

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