Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 10

10 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 10

  1. Thank GODS Vee could get a laugh outta this. I thought this was gonna be less cathartic for her than it is, this is a great page lmfao

  2. Omg Ivy leaving too 😂 I love this

  3. I would react the same way because when you feel like you’re walking around eggshells for years, and you finally just say how you feel to someone who NEEDS to hear the truth, yeah I would be laughing, but I’d be terrified at the same time too, so I am curious if Vee will react with “I can’t believe I just did that.” I wish I had her courage.

  4. yeeees im rooting for Verbena!!!

  5. Oooh boy, I’ve been there Vee. Laughing is one of the less painful reactions after that. Good for you girl.

  6. Vera’s reaction is different from Amaryllis’, when she has been challenged. I don’t know if that means anything. Could it even be an opening for communication?

    Ivy and Vera’s reactions are similar. I hope for the best..

    1. it’s more that she had no chance to react beyond “you can’t be serious”
      it looks Vee simply overtalked her her outburst and immediate beeline for the door.
      the “where will you go” line might have been expanded to “you can’t handle life alone” line or “I’m the only one who puts up with you” attacks but there simply weren’t enough time to build them

  7. “I am the only one that puts up with you” comments are the worst. I have gotten those before along with ones similar to that in high school after having friends move or having a different schedule (so I never saw them) except one, who told me that a lot. Nothing like having trouble finding other friends when the only one you have at the time tells you that everyone else hates you and asks the friend why they even associate with me, and often using it as a defense whenever I would want to talk about a problem with them. I have never decided which would be worse, the friend lying to me to keep me under their thumb and never complain, or that friend being right and everyone else hating me. Can’t say that I ever want to go to a high school reunion because of it.
    On an offhand note, leaving a reply to someone doesn’t seem to show up on mobile but does in desktop version.

  8. I think that Vera’s reaction here is of pure confusion. She is so narcissistic she truly doesn’t understand WHY Verbena would do such a thing. Seriously, Amaryllis may be a sociopath but this lady may be even more hopeless than she is.

  9. The relief she must feel.

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