Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 11

8 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 11

  1. I love this so much. SO MUCH!

  2. This society, you can move out without a plan! I ♥️ social safety net utopia. And Ivy is so supportive! Everything is awesome 🌌

  3. I’m very happy that Verbena is taking steps in the right direction for her life and that she and Ivy can just spend time together and support eachother as sisters now. That park in the background i absolutely gorgeous, I love the colours!

  4. Deborah R Hawkins

    Also realizing the parallel between Verbena and Abeille.

    1. Wow, I never thought of that parallel!

      I’m sad that Ivy isn’t yet saying to Verbena, despite our mom we are sisters and I have a privilege of our mom’s fantasy, which I don’t want.

      Verbena, of course, isn’t asking for that privilege, and how would Ivy compensate within mom’s fantasy?

      Verbena has been taking the initiative: I love you sis, but… over and over. After many calamities. Ivy says I’ll hug you back sis, of course. Implicit is that Ivy is going to rebuff the framing to mom: hurt my sister and you hurt me. Deeper is we love you mom.

      The new thing is Vera being disarmed. Much less volatile than Amaryllis. Is some change going to happen?

      The Abeille parallel: Evette wasn’t a designer baby, or maybe Abeille was? Brilliant commenters once said so. Much meaner Mom.

      Abeille as Verbena analog: You are not your sister. You will never be your sister. It’s your fault that your sister is dead. And Abeille takes initiative to avenge her sister’s death, to grow her sister’s garden.

      Abeille meets her first friend Ivy, Meets a gardener even. Gardener being an unhappy logging member, not knowing what a log or a member is succumbs to her impossible beauty.

      The dads: Vera’s dads are of convenience, she claims, implying that they are not. Amaryllis’s dad breaks out of an erotic coma to support his daughter

  5. No one going to mention the hand to shoulder contact? That is an interesting panel as there are two things happening to give Ivy that facial and body reaction.

    1. I don’t think it’s physical contact. If you were going to touch someone’s shoulder, it’d be palm down, right? Like to squeeze their shoulder or something. I think Verbena is just shocked at someone being proud of her, especially the golden child.

    2. PenelopePepperPants

      I think that’s just 2Dimensional perspective. I believe Ivy is just slightly angled to Verbena and she’s gesturing with hand, rather than making contact.

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