Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 16

2 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 16

  1. Awwww, yeah having only brothers, I’d like to be there for them too, but if I am being honest, they help me out way more often.

  2. I adore Tsubaki! I’ve felt curious about how she is acting in this chapter. It might be “protecting brother mode”. Her relating to her grand mother is interesting to see. It’s another side of her. I can imagine elderly Tsubaki and how cute she would be.

    One thing that I love about this comic is all of the sibling interactions and how they care about each other. It was rare to see close siblings among my friends, when I was high school age.

    In US media, sibling rivalry is much of what is portrayed, in my experience. It instantly clicked with me, seeing in anime and manga how common it is for brother to be worrying about and protecting his sister, and the other way
    around. Maya saying “big bro” in red string touched a nerve.

    One of my sisters was very close to me, I think I have mentioned before. After my parents divorced and my mother had very little time in my presence, working, going to school, and caring for us while sleep deprived, my sister raised me, essentially. That experience often resonates with this story, as I read it.

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