Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 17

7 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 17

  1. They’re so cute aah AGH 😭💕

  2. OMG that 4th panel haha. Gina your facial expressions are always fun to see when it comes to humorous situations hehe.

  3. And thus their happy relationship came to an end…

    1. Truly. Over years now it’s been amazing learning what a comic artist does. Not just story telling. Not just drawing. I can’t imagine how many pages of writing it would it take to describe what is on this page.

      @AliniTheGreat: “And thus their relationship came to an end…” HAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

  4. Panel 1 says it all. Abeille is wearing sandals. Husband and wife.

  5. LOL So cute!!

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