Good news or better news?

It’s a relief when a doctor asks you if want the good news or the better news. Up until my doctor appointment today, I’ve been sitting on a month of stress fearing my whole career might be over and I would never draw without pain again. I would wake up and the fingers in my drawing-hand would be stiff and the ring finger felt stuck and hurt when I would try to bend it.

Turns out, it’s called Trigger Finger and it was solved with a single steroid injection into the palm near the offending finger. So thankful I can keep on drawing and doing what gives me life.

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10 thoughts on “Good news or better news?

  1. What a relief!

  2. Great news!

  3. Kendall ⚜🌻

    Not our heroine!?!? What a relief. That is certainly good news!

  4. Yay, Better News for the WIN!

  5. That’s great news!

    But also, Evette! T___T

  6. Very glad to hear, I am a big fan of your work and as someone who lost his own ability to draw, I am gladdened by your recovery 🙂

    1. That sucks. I hope you find an alternative way to express your creativity.

  7. Thank goodness!!

  8. Wonderful news, Gina. You are an amazing artist and the world is better with your drawings and story telling in it. So glad that you can continue to live your passion.

  9. Yay on road to healing, for both our boss and our heroine!

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