Love Not Found – Ch23, p20

4 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p20

  1. My gut feeling is that this interaction with Vine is going to be important. We’ll see though.

    1. I think Vine is going to say something profound to help them forward. She looks very wise.

  2. PenelopePepperPants

    Oh my gosh, the little sprout is adorable! Playing with the bauble so cute.

    I’m so happy our two lovebirds are happy. Abeille came to Monotropa in need of healing, and I love that she’s getting the support that she needs. I also love that Miel has come out of his shell. Before Abeille, we know his life was for work, and not much else. Now he’s confident and daring and sees a future outside of what he originally envisioned for himself. Obviously, there’s still a few things to be resolved, but I’m happy that right now, they found each other and they’re happy. <3


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