Love Not Found – Ch23, p21

6 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p21

  1. Adorable. No matter what species, kids will always be kids hehe.

  2. The company needs to pay attention to the happiness of the indigenous peoples. If they like Abeille, then keeping her as an employee as an ambassador would be a good thing. They should send her parents back to their home planet and Rehire the both of them. especially since there’s so much chaos. Don’t forget to give them a pay raise as well.

  3. I love seeing the planet’s native people again in this comic, sometimes it’s easy to forget that they’re living alongside humans on Monotropa. And thank you so so much for adding the character profiles back to the site! Sharing my left-handedness with Abeille always felt special to me, and I love all the cute little tidbits about everyone’s favorite foods. <3

  4. For them being plant-based people, the Dryads looks thought they could maybe be able to grow or host other plant life all over their bodies. They appear with diverse foliage on each of them, maybe they accessorize with clippings, seeds or transplants, etc for different looks.

  5. It’s wonderful to see them again. We’re back to the beginning again, for a fresh start, I hope.
    I love the idea of the dryads accessorizing with other plants. I had thought the white flowers were other plants, but I guess they are their own flowers Chapter 3 Page 5. Vine seems to prune her leaves so they grows where she wants them to.
    The different arrangement of flower petals on the heads of the kids and the toddler are interesting. The one asking to play has broad petals that are closed while the other to have them narrow and spiky.

  6. I used the opportunity of looking for the first appearance of Vine and the sprouts ( for a reread and it is quite fascinating how the art style changes through the times, deepening the characters in their design as well as their characterisation.

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