Love Not Found – Ch23, p24

4 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p24

  1. Waiting for, “Whaddaya mean, they fired you?”

  2. This seems like such a fun time! Everything feels so happy and cozy~ >w<

  3. Getting to know more about the Dryads is something I’ve wanted the entire time I’ve been reading. So, vI’m excited.
    I’ve decided the plant in the borders is mistletoe. It’s interesting that Holly, Ivy and Mistletoe as associated with winter and make a show of enduring hardship. That there is a difficult time and people made rituals to carry each other through the difficult time is reassuring

  4. PenelopePepperPants

    Oh I hope this is a double page spread with the previous page in the printed book!

    Just a continually delightful wholesome cosy scenes. I love too that we see more of Thistle’s softer, more (I was going to say human side, but that’s not quite right is it?) personable side as opposed to (what could be interpreted as) the gruff and brusque manner we saw from him upon his introduction at the camping trip (Chapter 09 for reference). The convo with Miel, playing with the kids. Too cute.

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