Love Not Found – Ch23, p26

8 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p26

  1. Oh, here it comes. I’m here for Botan getting more closure and assurance from this meeting he obviously is dreading. He is such a wonderful supportive person and deserves it, that others care for and support him too. By this, he could be able to finally make peace with his mothers dead and how he reacted then, not just stow it away like now.

  2. His ex seems like a nice guy, so I am sure they’ll get things settle. Yeah I am definitely getting those ‘end game vibes’ because lose ends are getting tied up.

  3. Oh-oh, conversation with the ex!

  4. I need to make sure I have my glasses on before reading. I thought the last speech bubble said “hi son”. I was so shocked and confused I immediately re-read the page. XD eyes saw better second time around.

  5. What plant is Jon? When I search for it I just find a person named “Jon Plant”.

    1. Jonquil, related to the Narcissus and Daffodil flowers. ^_^

      1. Thanks a bunch. That’s a neat flower. It’s like a flower within a flower!

        1. They are pretty. It’s funny that Jonquil is also a name for the yellow daffodil color. When he was with Botan, his hair looked yellowish maybe… as if his hair matched his name.
          Jonquil supposedly comes from various languages as “rushes,reeds”. Narcissus jonquil is called “rush daffodil”. Jonquil’s hairs look like rushes or reeds.

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