Love Not Found – Ch23, p40

10 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Ch23, p40

  1. Eeeeeee. Contact!

  2. Aaaaaa! Character growth!!!

  3. Omg I want to fangirl and cry at the same time. Yeah I’d be shocked too if I was Abeille hehe.

  4. Oh man, it’s like the most wholesome intervention possible. <3

  5. I totally forgot about the no-contact thing and thought Abeille noticed his ring in the last panel and is about to go aaaaaaaaaaahhh!! 😄❤️

  6. PREACH!!!

  7. I got all misty eyed. Such a beautiful scene, so many things are coming together!

  8. Casual contact! I hope it will be brought up more later. It feels like it was there in the first chunk and hasn’t come up as much anymore.

  9. Don’t cry don’t cry don’t cry

  10. This has been amazing to read. Representation matters so much and your stories have given me so much joy. Gina, thank you, truly, from the bottom of my queer heart. <3

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