Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 06

First of the Fan Cameo appearances from the LNF3 Kickstarter!

9 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 06

  1. Well, it does look like competing for mother’s love is not in the “Hot” column of the menu today.

  2. Oh boy, Verbena looks ready to explode.

  3. I need recipes of everything Vera ordered. It all sounds so yummy~

  4. Okay I like bacon, chocolate, and bruschetta, but I would never combine all three lol. Brie, I’ve never had so can’t comment lol. Lemon coconut cookies though HECK YEAH lol.
    But yeah go get her Ivy!

    1. Friendly Neighborhood Science Fairy

      It’s not like regular tomato bruschetta, lol. Bacon chocolate bruschetta is just bits of bacon with chocolate pieces on a piece of toasted bread. It’s essentially a savory/sweet play on traditional bruschetta.

  5. She was brash to Ivy at first, but I really love Verbena. Haha, she’s so done with all of this, but I would be too if someone ordered for me without asking for input.

    1. To be fait, Vera _did_ ask for input: “What shall we order?”. It is just that she wasn’t prepared to consider it from anybody apart from herself. Prototypical narcist. She’ll probably be insulted if anybody feels offended, as if she hadn’t carefully weighed everything she wanted for herself. “We” is used in the meaning of “I, with the added importance conveyed to me by several subordinates”.

  6. Oh god, someone please shake this woman. IVY, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE, do it do it, do it for your sister!!

  7. Ow, I meant to sent that one in the latest comic. STILL APPLIES THO TwT

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