Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 07

6 thoughts on “Love Not Found ~ Chapter 23, page 07

  1. Funny, I see only one person interrupting here. Vera finished her point before Verbena tried to say something. Of course, while it comes natural to her, Vera is being obnoxious and condescending here on purpose because Verbena didn’t come through with the expected gossip grapevine from Ivy’s trip. Problem is that Vera does not need to spread it on in order to be a pain. She’s bad enough in her natural mannerisms.

  2. Oh, you’re about to hear everything all right… Anyone wants to guess how much of it she’s going to listen to it though?

  3. Poor Verbena, she’s trying so hard 🙁

  4. and while possible to miss from it being a few days between pages, there’s also the hypocrisy in “don’t interrupt” given that she herself had literally just interrupted ivy between this page and the last one

    1. I’m not sure who is interrupting. I only recently started interrupting when people talk non-stop, usually resulting in failing to stand up for myself.

      Vera is monopolizing the conversation which is at least as bad as interrupting. I’m hoping “So, mom…” was the start of Ivy standing up for her sister and herself.

      1. PenelopePepperPants

        No, no, Kaela’s right. Vera cut off Ivy, when Ivy was establishing the direction of conversation.

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