Love Not Found – Chapter 24

Hi LNF buds! Welcome to the start of the final chapter of Love Not Found! It's okay to get emotional as we near the end! It has been a journey over the last nine years and this final chapter promises to be quite the rollercoaster!

Just keep in mind this double-length chapter runs over 70 pages (not including the epilogue which promises to be several additional pages). The series still has at least a year to go in weekly updates!

AND have no doubt that I have a new story in development that will be ready to roll when this one ends! There are still adventures to come!

7 thoughts on “Love Not Found – Chapter 24

  1. Reading this tale has made me extra aware of the love, that comes from us and others, and that makes humanity compassionate. At first I thought it was just culture that infected Abeilles world with the fear and disgust of touching (think about the negative reactions breastfeeding mothers get) but with Covid and H5N1 I’m beginning to see how a pandemic could have been a start of this. I can’t wait to start reading again!!

    1. I know this comic wasn’t started in the middle of a pandemic, but I agree – experiencing one as affecting as COVID gives the history in this comic’s universe a much heavier emotional weight to it for me in a more personal way. LNF human societies must have endured incredible odds against disease that we cannot even picture. That part of history may be over for them now, but the trauma of it is so deeply ingrained that touch has become systemically taboo. Abeille and many of her cohorts are leaders and pioneers of community healing.

  2. It is wonderful to get back into the story. I agree crises like water scarcity seem to relate to beliefs about each other. Otherwise, Monotropa certainly resembles the world I live in. Hyper-connected with a loneliness epidemic. Sex positive and unfeeling. Connection that guarantees no connection. Anything but love in our brave new world.

  3. Aww!! I love the title change!!! <3

  4. I discovered this comic years ago (is it really a decade old?? wow!!) and came back to it over the pandemic (that sure hit different), and now once more after i forgot to transfer over my bookmarks after I switched browsers… So excited to be here in time for the final chapter! This comic is always in the back of my mind when I’m thinking or talking about touch, intimacy and sex. I’ve been rereading a large part because I couldn’t remember where I had left off, and I still love it. I must also say WOW at how beautiful the art has become over the years. I’m stunned at all the details and how colourful and warm so many of the pages feel.

  5. Here we go! I didn’t realize it had been ten years, but that makes sense with how long it’s been since Red String ended. This comic has been through a lot with me, and I’ve grown up a lot with it. I’m having feelings about it being over, but it’s ready to happen ❤️

  6. The “Not” crossed out, I…T______T

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