Hello LNF Buds! Since I went on “break” I’ve been working on several different projects and all are going well. The kids are doing one more year of homeschooling while Covid and MonkeyPox are still making the rounds. That means it’s going to be me doing it all again this year as full-time mom and teacher as well as sole financial provider. It’s a lot and I’m stretched thin, but I can do it. I thank you all for your continued support and patience over the last couple years while I’ve been juggling all of this. I know we’ve all been trying to navigate the state of the world and have collectively (as well as individually) had to deal with so much loss and hardship. I want you to know you’re doing great and you have my love.


So, on with the updates! First up…

Filthy Figments:

  • So much is going on at Filthy Figments! I did a lot of work on the site, including reorganizing all of the comics categories and making finding comics by Genre and Pairing easier to navigate. I updated a lot on the free preview side of the site as well and got new previews up by some of our newer creators. I took a week to get a Members Newsletter going (then found out they don’t accept Erotic content and had to start from scratch with a place that specifically supports creators who work in this area. Whew! What a week!)
  • The Filthy Figments Open Call for Submissions concluded at the end of July and acceptance letters went out last week. This week I have been working on getting all of our new recruits up to speed and settled in to bring everyone new original comics that will knock your socks off.


Love Not Found:

  • There’s a lot going on with Love Not Found as well! I’ve been working on two projects side by side. First, I’m gearing up for a Kickstarter campaign for print edition of Love Not Found Volume 3! There’s so much involved with getting a book ready for print/preorder and I have knocked out most of that list at this point! The book is very close to being ready to submit to the printer. Little things like updated Author page and the back cover blurb are mostly what remains. A majority of material for the bonus merchandise is designed and ready. The only thing that remains is building the actual campaign on KS! I am looking toward an early October campaign and if all goes well, start shipping everything by the end of November.

Volume 3 - Cover Art sneak peek!

  • And last, but far from least, let’s talk about SCRIPTING on Love Not Found! This time around the scripting involved more than just the next chapter. It meant making a roadmap of sorts for all of Volume 4 which is the last planned volume of the series, not counting any bonus mini-books like Standby Mode. It took a while, but wow, do I love the flow of the final fourth of the series! There’s going to be Jollie celebrations, Dryads, confrontations, and climaxes! Yeah, it’s good stuff! Since getting the structural bones in place, I’ve been working specifically on Chapter 22 and I’m just about ready to start laying out dialog and breaking down the material into pages and panels! I’m hoping to be back in a couple weeks (mid-September), but at the very latest it will be end of September.



+ This month’s Patreon material is a treasure trove of sneak peeks at art and merch from LNF Vol.3!

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+ Feeling a little frisky? Filthy Figments (18+) collection of original erotic comics has you covered!


Again, I thank you all for your support!