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Let us transport your inner child to a world where magic is real and pure hearts win the day.

Adventure, Terror, & True Love! Fairy tales resonate with something deep inside us and compel us to become storytellers. We pass down the stories for future generations to share and enjoy.

Erstwhile presents you with a collection of the lesser-known tales, bringing you a world filled with brave, intelligent female characters and POC heroes and heroines! 

This collaboration features the talent of three women, Gina Biggs, Louisa Roy, & Elle Skinner, each of whom contribute their own distinctive style to the book. We are excited to bring you the long-awaited final volume of the series!




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Created this fun little survey to get a better idea of who my reader-base is as well as find out how and what you like to read! The most important part of this is to be honest! TAKE THE SURVEY.

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Each month I post a bunch of exclusive art on my Patreon. It includes early updates for Love Not Found, works in progress, process art, sketches, early access to finished illustrations, Dear Evette (letters Abeille writes to her sister about her life since moving to Monotropa), and more! Please consider supporting if you enjoy my work!

Take a peek at some of the work that was posted in June!


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